Our mission

Environmental Technical Laboratory will respond to customer needs based on the technology and expertise cultivated through accumulation of abundant experiences ranging from survey, measurement and analysis of environment to prediction, analysis and assessment.

The company also undertakes the development of a pharmaceutical and microbiological test for the development of pharmaceuticals and supports the development of the pharmaceutical industry as a research organization.

Responding to the globalization of the expanding pharmaceutical industry, under the cGMP system, we will work on overseas pharmacopoeias such as USP · EP and revise legislation in a timely manner.

Contact information

Environmental Technical Laboratory Ltd.
head office
Kohoku 2 chome 11-17 Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Our service

Environmental investigation and analysis

We are conducting surveys and analyses of all areas of the atmospheric, water and soil environment.

Water quality inspection (Environmental water, river water, groundwater and others)

Water quality checks for river and lakes including biochemical examination are conducted.

Water quality analysis (Wastewater, discharged water)

Water quality analysis of wastewater and discharged water based on the "Water Pollution Control Law" will be carried out. Note that the "additional standard" defined by law for each region is also considered and evaluated.

Survey and analysis (Soil, industrial waste solid)

Conduct analysis of hazardous substances based on prime Minister's Office ordinance.
A dissolution test of the building soil and the like are also carried out.

Air quality measurement

Air quality in broad area is measured using automatic analyzers based on "Air Pollution Control law".
Regional scale atmospheric research of nitrogen oxides(NO NO2 nitrogen oxides) is carried out by summary measuring method.

Pollutant measurement

Harmful air pollutants are measured on the basis of the "Air Pollution Control Law".

Odor measurement, working environment measurement, sick house

We will conduct sick house measurements based on the "Standard for school environmental sanitation", odor measurement based on the "Offensive Odor Control Law", work environment measurement based on the "Industrial Safety and Health Law".

Sick house
"Standard for school environmental sanitation" and "director-general notification of health director, labor and welfare lifestyle health" is governed, and is consistently implemented to investigate and evaluate indoor air pollutant concentrations and to estimate the source of pollution.
Odor measurement
Odor measurement is performed according to "Offensive Odor Control Law".
Working environment measurement
We will carry out work environment measurement based on "Industrial Safety and Health Law".

Exhaust gas, smoke and soot measurement

Japan conducts measures for hazardous substances in atmospheric air based on "Air pollution control law" and relevant Ordinance "Air pollution control law" define emission standard to substance type, each facility type and size of the air pollutants that are released from factories and sites.

Local air exhausters, inspection investigation

We assist periodic inspection of local ventilation equipment that is required by "Industrial Safety and Health Law".

Drug study

We will support the development of drug substances and products as contract research organization, such as the development of physicochemical tests, stability tests, test methods, etc.

Specification and quality test

Pharmaceuticals and various raw materials are tested by the official methods such as Japanese Pharmacopoeia, EP, USP etc. and test methods provided by customers.

Stability test

Samples are kept at various storage conditions in accordance with ICH guideline. Monitoring by VL-Naster ensures storage record and alerts trouble of the storage chambers. The storage chambers can also operate during power failure.

Development of testing method

By reliable technology, we support test method development that accurately reflects customer's needs. We will implement analysis method validation and technology transfer.

Measurement of physical chemical property

Measure various physical and chemical properties required for new drug application.

Microbiological test

According to the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia and US Pharmacopoeia Official Law, microbial limit test of drug substances, raw materials and products etc., endotoxins test and sterility test, comply with GMP and reliability standards under the quality assurance system, we will conduct the test at the facility and provide reliable test results. In addition, we undertake various microbial tests for drug substance and product such as antimicrobial test and legionella spp. test.

Various tests based on the Japanese Pharmacopoeia

Microbial limit test
It is conducted in accordance with the latest test methods on the international harmonization methods.
Sterility test
Sterility test including injectable ampoules, bags and lyophilized preparations are carried out.
Endotoxins tests(gel-clot, chromogenic, and turbidimetric techniques)
Endotoxins test including raw materials for pharmaceuticals(drug substance and product) is carried out.
Antimicrobial effectiveness testing
In accordance with Japanese pharmacopoeia(for reference information), we conduct a study of from development stage of products.
Test methods development and validation
Method development and validation of microbial limit test, sterility test and endotoxins test(gel-clot, chromogenic, and turbidimetric techniques) are carried out in assocition with the development of new drug or method change of current drug.
Microbial test of stability tests
As microbial study in the stability study of drug substance and product, microbial limit test, sterility test and endotoxins test (gel-clot, chromogenic, and turbidimetric techniques) are carried out.
Microbial test in compliance with foreign pharmacopoeia
It is carried out by USP and EP test methods.

Various microbial test

  • Microbial test of cosmetics and health products
  • Legionella genus count test and antiseptic agent equipotent test
  • Bactericidal and antimicrobial tests including fungicide(MIC/MBC)

Health foods

We provide health service food analysis service in GMP test system. We will report the analysis results according to the test on the standards of the official law (health supplement, food sanitation law, additives etc.). It is also possible to set test method to meet customer's needs.

Specification component analysis

Quantitative analysis of functional components is also performed.

Additive testing

Based on Article 11, Paragraph 1 of the Food Sanitation Law, ingredient standards and usage standards for food additives are stipulated. Please use it for checking the usage condition of additives and checking for contamination. We are entrusted with testing various additives.

Metal, mineral analysis

We conduct mineral analysis of functional ingredients in food and heavy metal analysis for safety confirmation. We provide highly sensitive quantitative results with atomic absorption photometer and ICP emission spectrometer.

Residue pesticide analysis

We are analyzing how much pesticide remains in food. Please contact us if you want to inspect the pesticides actually used, or only the ordered inspection items of imported food etc.

Nutritional analysis

We provide analysis results according to official law (Food hygiene inspection guidelines).

Residual solvent

Various organic solvents are used in the manufacturing process of food. Since solvents used may remain in foods, proper quality control is required. We analyze using headspace gas chromatography (HS-GC method) etc.

Cosmetic product

A total component labeling system has been introduced in the year 2001.This system is applied to cosmetics distributed in Japan, and examination such as quality check of cosmetics, ingredient check before importing cosmetics is required. Under the "cosmetics standards", negative lists and positive lists are applied for the examination.
We also perform quantitative analysis of functional ingredients

Quality Assurance System

ISO 9001 :2015 (quality management system JQA-QM8014)

Quality policy

We will provide fair and reliable measured values quickly.
We will continuously improve the quality management system and aim to improve customer satisfaction.

ISO/IEC 17025 :2017 (quality management system L15-9)

Quality policy

As a specialized institution, we will enhance quality control to ensure reliable test results to customers and secure stable trust with customers.

  1. Comply with laws and regulations, and protects good professional practices and quality of testing.
  2. Provide services that satisfy customer's requirements
  3. We will comply with ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 and continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.
  4. All relevant staff members are familiar with the Test Quality Manual and require that they comply with the policies and procedures and carry out their duties.